Meet Arielle Lyons

Arielle Lyons is from the Cleveland, Ohio area and graduated from Ohio University in 2024 with a bachelor of science in journalism and a certificate in podcasting. Her specializations were music and media studies.

Arielle Lyons

During her time at OU, she was involved in three different sections at The Post, OU’s largest student media organization. On top of writing entertainment articles and creating multimedia content, she served as a slot editor for two years. Arielle spent most of her time at OU playing trombone in the Marching 110. She also served Bella Voce, OU’s treble choir, as its communications chair and sang in its sister a cappella group, Title IX.

In the summer of 2023, Arielle interned at WOUB Public Media as a multimedia journalist, reporting on the culture beat. She also was a writer on Southeast Ohio Magazine’s Summer 2024 edition.

Arielle is excited to begin her career as a copy editor for The Blade!

Ohio SPJ Award winners

Congratulations to The Blade’s winners in the Ohio SPJ Awards.

Joe Landsberger was named the best graphic designer. Sarah Readdean received a second-place award in the best religion reporting category, and Maddie Coppel received a second-place award in the best arts reporting category.

In addition to the individual winners, The Blade’s website was recognized as the best website.

Ohio APME 2023 newspaper finalists

Congratulations to the finalists for the 2023 APME awards. Tickets are now available for the Ohio APME Awards Banquet, which will be held on Sunday, July 21. Please see your manager if you would like to attend.

Best Sports Columnist (DV): The Columbus Dispatch, Rob Oller, The Columbus Dispatch; Dayton Daily News, Tom Archdeacon; The (Toledo) Blade, Best Sports Columnist David Briggs

Best Sports Photo (DV): Akron Beacon Journal, Safe at Second; The Cincinnati Enquirer, Introduction; The (Toledo) Blade, Best Sports Photo Rebecca Benson

Best Full Page Design (DV): The (Toledo) Blade, Best Full Page Design Joe Landsberger; The Columbus Dispatch, Under Fire; The Cincinnati Enquirer, Enquirer Bengals front

Best News Photo (DV): The (Toledo) Blade, Best News Photo Stephen Zenner; The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus guns; Akron Beacon Journal, Walker Copley Road

Best Graphics Artist (DV): Dayton Daily News, Alexis Larsen; The Columbus Dispatch, Victor Black, The Columbus Dispatch; The (Toledo) Blade, Best Graphics Artist Joe Landsberger

Best Feature Photo (DV): Dayton Daily News, Bill Lackey; The Columbus Dispatch, Pickleball grand opening; The (Toledo) Blade, Best Feature Photo Stephen Zenner

Best Headline Writer (DV): The Columbus Dispatch, Lori Schmidt, The Columbus Dispatch; The Columbus Dispatch, Colin Gay, The Columbus Dispatch; The (Toledo) Blade, Best Headline Writing Heather Denniss

Best Photo Story (DV): The (Toledo) Blade, Best Photo Story Stephen Zenner; The Columbus Dispatch, Jack Hanna; The Cincinnati Enquirer, Damar Hamlin

Best Photographer (DV): The Columbus Dispatch, Brooke LaValley, The Columbus Dispatch; The Cincinnati Enquirer, Cara Owsley Body of Work; The (Toledo) Blade, Best Photographer Jeremy Wadsworth

Best Illustration or Informational Graphic (DV): The Cincinnati Enquirer, Why is there so much lifespan disparity in Greater Cincinnati?; Dayton Daily News, Dayton's own 'Routes and Ladders'; The (Toledo) Blade, Best Illustration or Informational Graphic Joe Landsberger

Best Sports Enterprise (DV): Akron Beacon Journal, Nate Ulrich; The (Toledo) Blade, Best Sports Enterprise Steve Junga; The Cincinnati Enquirer, 'A son never forgets.' How Bengals star DJ Reader lost his dad but found himself

Best Feature Writer (DV): The (Toledo) Blade, Best Feature Writer Sarah Readdean; The Columbus Dispatch, Jordan Laird, The Columbus Dispatch; The Cincinnati Enquirer, Dan Horn body of work

Best Enterprise Reporting (DV): The (Toledo) Blade, Best Enterprise Reporting Luke Ramseth and David Barkholz; Akron Beacon Journal, Stephanie Warsmith; Dayton Daily News, PFAs project

Meet Rosiland Fletcher

Rosiland Fletcher

Rosiland grew up in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2022 with a bachelor of science in journalism and a minor in international dtudies.

In her academics and prevocational focus, she focused on research of particular sociopolitical and global topics to provide constructive discourse and understanding when discussed in the media.

During her time at BGSU, she worked for the university's student-led media, BG Falcon Media where she served in various leadership roles such as Copy Chief, Managing Editor, and Executive Content Director. She started out at the copy desk in 2018, and continued with copy editing and reporting through her four years.

She was also a Thompson Family Scholar, and took part in various student organizations that contributed to her passion for bridging the cultural gap between marginalized communities. Between fall 2022 to 2023, Rosiland pursued volunteer opportunities in Thailand and Mexico, and she interned as a Communications, Marketing and Social Media Specialist for United Aviate Academy in Goodyear, Ariz.

As Rosiland didn't anticipate returning to a newsroom, she's excited to start back at The Blade's newsroom and have the opportunity to grow and do what she loves.

2024 summer interns

Andrew Cramer

Andrew Cramer

Andrew is going into his senior year at Yale, where he is majoring in Ethics, Politics & Economics, with a concentration in issue voting in American politics.

He loves to run, walk, and hike, and is looking for good spots in Toledo.

Read his bio


Maggie Grether

Maggie Grether

Maggie hails from Pasadena, Calif., where she was born and raised. She now attends Yale University, pursuing degrees in history and comparative literature.

She loves cooking, listening to live music, and visiting new cities.

Read her bio


Lily Belle Poling

Lily Belle Poling

Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, Lily Belle is a sophomore at Yale University studying English and Global Affairs.

In Toledo, she is looking forward to exploring the food scene and the outdoors while also checking out art and live music.

Read her bio


Elena Unger

Elena Unger

She is a rising senior at Yale University studying English and education. During her college career she has reported for the Yale Daily News and the Yale Herald.

Elena is so excited to get to know The Blade community and the greater city of Toledo over the next 10 weeks.

Read her bio

Meet Alice Momany

Alice Momany

Alice is so excited to return to The Blade as the political reporter. Originally from Toledo, she interned at The Blade last summer and covered everything from city meetings to breaking news.

She recently graduated from Miami University, where she studied journalism and political science. At Miami, she was involved with the student newspaper, The Miami Student, eventually becoming print managing editor. She recently won first place in the Society of Professional Journalists Region 4 Mark of Excellence

competition for her breaking news coverage of a use of force incident involving a Miami student and Oxford police officer. She was also the editor-in-chief of UP Magazine, a fashion and lifestyle publication at Miami.

Before interning at The Blade, she worked at Cox Enterprises with the Journal-News, a Dayton Daily News bureau, covering stories across Butler County.

Alice is also a proud alumna of St. Ursula Academy, where she was involved in musical theater and National Honor Society.

She is so excited to cover important stories in her hometown and learn from the experienced reporters at The Blade.

Newsroom meetings

We are reintroducing standup newsroom meetings this month, designed to share important news, discuss key topics, and address any questions you may have.

Beginning on May 9, these meetings will be held generally on the second Thursday and fourth Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m.

Please feel free to submit questions or topics beforehand or ask during the meeting.

We know not everyone can attend every meeting, so a twice-a-month format will allow you to attend regularly.

—  Mike Brice

Top 10 biggest style mistakes

News Editor Alicia Gruver will be providing regular Style Snapshots for us so we can better adhere to our style. To get things started, we are pointing out what we're calling the Top 10 biggest style mistakes.

1) We use the Oxford comma. (Ex. red, white, and blue.)
2) We say news conference, not press conference.
3) When we refer to days within the week, we use the day, not the date.
4) Protesters and advisers are spelled with an "e" and not an "o" at the end.
5) There is a comma between months and years (Ex. January, 2022).
6) Use periods when abbreviating legislative bills. (Ex. H.B. 51.)
7) Jr. and Sr. get commas around them. (Ex. Martin Luther King, Jr.,...)
8) We use single quotes in cutlines.
9) Numbers are used with percentages, and we spell out the word "percent." (Ex. 1 percent.)
10) Health care is two words and is hyphenated if used as a modifier to another word (Ex. health-care workers.)

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